Micromobility - Make traffic safer for all road users


Make traffic safer for all road users

The full benefits of micromobility in cycling and the feeling of safety

Marking the way forward

Even though micromobility vehicles move at a slower speed than cars, this does not automatically equal a safe driving experience. In fact, a new report from CIE shows the exact opposite result:

'The key barrier for people to take up cycling is a lacking feeling of safety'*

If we as a society want to reap the full benefits of micromobility concept, we need to make all road users feel safe and included in traffic. The problem is that a lot of road infrastructure simply is not designed to make proper space for the vulnerable road users. Luckily, horizontal markings can easily help change this.

The horizontal potential

It has been shown that improvements in cycling infrastructure have a high relative impact on changing cycling behaviour. According to the CIE study for example, over 50% of non-cyclists said that a clearly marked or painted cycle lane was something that would encourage them to cycle. This means that relatively simple upgrades on the cycling infrastructure could make a big difference in terms of getting more people to hop on the bike. 

Get ahead on the road to cycling safety! Contact us today, and let us help you on the way. 

*CIE Consumer Research 2023, 8,319 respondents from 8 countries.

Let safety, health, and the environment take the front seat

At Geveko Markings, we believe that everybody should be able to feel safe in traffic. No matter which means of transportation you use, there should be room for you on the roads. This is a growing issue especially in increasingly populated cities, and micromobility offers one of the solutions to this problem. 

This concept helps increase safety for especially the vulnerable road users, while at the same having a positive effect on health issues, the environment, and the increasingly intense traffic flow.

What is micromobility? 

Bikes are a big part of micromobility, but it covers other modes of electric or human powered transport as well. Micromobility vehicles are usually characterised by going at a low (25 km/h) to medium (45 km/h) speed and includes, for example, e-bikes and e-scooters.

The purpose of micromobility markings is to separate vehicles in this category from the rest of the road where cars and other engine powered vehicles are usually dominant. 

Get moving with micromobility

If you are looking for concrete guidelines on how to implement micromobility markings, look no further. We got you covered!

In cooperation with Copenhagenize Design Co., we have developed a complete micromobility planning toolbox. With this in hand, you will be equipped with concrete expert advice on how the right kind of markings can increase safety for cyclists and other micromobility users.

Country specific symbols using PREMARK preformed material

Country specific symbols

With our PREMARK™ preformed material, we are able to supply any symbol that conform to individual national or regional design manuals. The PREMARK symbols are quick and easy to apply and do not require any investment in expensive equipment. The ready-to-use marking is applied by help of a heat torch and can be laid all year round. The only requirement is a dry application surface, which the heat torch can easily provide. 

Cold plastic and waterborne material to create area demarcation and bike lane

Area demarcation

Our cold plastic PlastiRoute™ material and waterborne AquaRoute™ paint are both ideal for area applications. 
Unique crosslinking technology provides long-term stability, fast drying-time, skid resistance and color stability. Both AquaRoute and PlastiRoute has a consistent intermix of anti-skid aggregate which eliminates the need to post-sprinkle aggregates during the application process. 

PREMARK custom design to create specific symbols on roads

Custom design of your PREMARKā„¢

Our material can be designed to fit all requirements. Our modern and flexible manufacturing facilities enable us to react quickly to special requests and our long experience allows us to provide high-quality, flexible and easy-to-apply materials. The composition of the thermoplastic marking provides a high UV resistance, which means that colours stay bright for longer.

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