Safety Markings - Increase friction and awareness on exposed areas

Safety Markings

Increase friction and awareness on exposed areas

With our range of safety markings, we put a specific focus on creating safe conditions for all. This is especially the case in areas where there is an increased risk of accidents.

Many of these risks can be reduced with the proper markings, so why not make sure to safe-proof them before it is too late? 

Safety first

Safety is not something that should be taken lightly. Slips and falls are major safety hazards for people both with or without disabilities. We offer a full range of products that provide a skid-resistant surface. This prevents the markings from becoming slippery and offers you the level of safety you can expect from premium markings.

Safety first to avoid slips and falls for people both with or without disabilities
Anti-skid and contrast steps

Anti-skid and contrast steps

With our range of GripTech™ products, you can easily add anti-skid 'noses' on stairs and steps to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Apart from creating a skid-resistant surface, GripTech products can also add contrast by highlighting the edge of the steps in a different colour. This makes it easier to visually differentiate each step.

Safety markings for manhole covers

Manhole covers

Manhole covers tend to become very slippery, especially when wet. This is a big safety issue that poses a risk for everyone crossing them. However, our GripTech™ products have been proven to provide an improvement in slip-resistance, aiding cyclists, motorcyclists, and equestrian riders from the risks normally associated with slippery highway manhole covers.

Anti-skid resins for walkways


For safe-proofing walkways in public areas or on factory grounds, we recommend our PlastiRoute™ products. The bright colours of these materials make the walkways easy to follow - and the skid-resistant surface makes them safe to walk on. In that way, you can help make sure that people take the safest route to avoid vehicles.

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