Regulatory Traffic

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Regulatory traffic - Certified products meeting regulations and standards

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1 Edgelines, centre line, and lane markings

For linear markings on high-traffic roads, we specifically recommend our hot-applied products or plural component systems. These products can be applied as both flat and structured markings depending on the road conditions and requirements. With Type I markings you get a high visibility at night in dry weather conditions, whereas Type II markings have special properties that enhance retroreflection and provide a high visibility in wet or rainy conditions as well. Type II markings are typically seen as structured markings, which have an added safety benefit in that it generates a rumbling effect to keep drivers alert if they drift across road lines.

2 Arrows, legends, letters and numbers

To help drivers navigate and ease traffic flow on busy roads, arrows, legends, letters, and numbers is a great way to offer guidance. Our preformed marking range includes all types of symbols to cover this need. These markings have a high level of retroreflection which makes them visible at night when car lights reflect in their surface.

Regulatory traffic marking for highways

Road & Highway Markings

In order to achieve safe and efficient operation of  road and highway networks, it is essential that all signage is clear and unambiguous, and gives its message to road users at the appropriate time. Centre lines, edge lines, and lane lines, for example, help drivers to maintain their position on the road and usually have a high level of regulation.

Regulatory traffic marking for cities

Urban Road Markings

Markings for highly trafficked city areas must be able to endure a lot of drive-overs. When done correctly, they play a big role in controlling traffic flow and preventing accidents. We offer a wide range of solutions for highly durable braking zones, pedestrian crossings, intersections, and other types of typical city markings.

Airports as regulatory traffic area of application

Airfield Markings

Horizontal markings provide essential information to the pilot during takeoff, landing, and taxiing on the airfield premises. Therefore, the markings must live up to very specific requirements by the ICAO/EASA. We offer a selection of waterborne and solventborne paints in specific colourtones that are certified according to these standards.

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Keep the roads safe with durable, high-performance road markings

Product line preformed products

Preformed Products

3sroute solvent borne professional paints for road marking

Paints & Plural Components

Certified safety on all roads

Certified safety on all roads

Our extensive product range specifically for the road helps guide road users and ease the traffic flow by means of signs, symbols, and highly visible line markings. The majority of our products are certified and approved according to national regulations on performance and design.


The mark of quality

Before a road marking material can be applied on public roads, it must be tested, certified and classified to establish the level of quality and performance.  In short, the certification of a product, is a mark of quality. It guarantees that a product conforms to all the technical requirements defined by official standards and certification rules. 

Road marking certifications around the world - Longdot

Around the world certification

Our materials have been tested and authorised according to several international programmes and are used in many different countries.

Australia: APAS 
Belgium: Copro
Czech Republic: ZDZ
Denmark: VTI / Ramböll 
France: Ascquer / Afnor
Germany: BASt
Netherlands: Kiwa
Norway: VTI / Ramböll
Poland: IBDiM
Slovakia: VUD
Spain: Aetec
Sweden: VTI / Ramböll  

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