Primers - Ensure optimal bonding of our products


Ensure optimal bonding of our products

The right primer will ensure perfect bonding of our products - even on challenging areas such as non-bituminous surfaces. With our selection of primers, you are able to get the most optimal application every time.  

Products within the range

Viaxi Primer - Geveko Markings

Viaxi primer

Two-component epoxy primer for application of preformed thermoplastic on various surfaces such as asphalt, stones, tiles, and cobblestones. 


  1. Avoid adhesion failure even on challenging surfaces as Viaxi offers outstanding adhesion.
  2. With the predefined mixing ratio, you will be sure to get the appropriate blend and avoid mixing failure. 
Buckets of Thermo Primer in 5L and 20L - Geveko Markings

Thermo primer

One-component primer for application of hot-applied thermoplastics such as long-lining on worn asphalt with small amounts of bitumen. It can also be used on most types of concrete surfaces. 


  1. No mixing is required as Thermo primer can be used directly from the bucket providing a hassle-free application without any waste.
  2. Applicable by both roller and airless methods, this broadly useful primer is suitable for both big and small application areas. 
Bucket of Geveko Primer in 5L

Geveko primer

An extremely versatile primer that works for applications of both MMA, thermoplastic, and paint products as well as on a lot of different surface materials. It is available for application by roller, airless, or as a spraycan. 


  1. With GEVEKO primer, you only need one primer for solving a variety of marking tasks, saving you the trouble and cost of buying one for each purpose. 
  2. The broad application window of 2-50°C provides you with the flexibility of year-round application. 
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