High Friction Surfaces - Increase safety in high-risk areas

High Friction Surfaces

Increase safety in high-risk areas

Certain areas in traffic are more exposed to accidents than others. This is for example the case with intersections, approaches to traffic lights, roundabouts, and sharp bends. These are areas where you need to brake or turn, and if the surface is not prepared for that there is an added risk of accidents. High friction surfacing is a highly recommendable solution to enhance traffic safety for all - and especially vulnerable road users.  

Skid-resistance makes all the difference

At Geveko Markings, we offer different solutions to help ensure that high-risk areas are made safer. Our high-friction products ensure that it feels safer and more comfortable for all road users to move, turn, and brake in exposed areas.

Resin bound surfacing used in intersections for road users to have a better grip


An intersection is a great example of a high-risk area in traffic. This area is characterised by road users who are braking to make a full stop before changing direction or passing the roadway. With a high-friction surface like our resin bonded system, you can help make sure that bicycles and other vehicles have a better grip and come to a safer stop. 

Friction for added safety on roads

Friction for added safety

To avoid smooth and slippery surfaces, high friction surfacing works by creating thousands of tiny contact points which allows cars, bicycles and other vehicles to have a better grip and come to a safer stop. For this purpose, our resin bonded system or paints and plural components are a popular choice depending on the particular need at hand.

High friction surfaces used on urban roads for colour demarcation

Colour demarcation

High friction surfacing is also used for colour demarcation to emphasise the message of prescribed markings, to increase driver awareness and last but not least, to encourage caution. For this purpose, our PlastiRoute™ materials with a high anti-skid levels is an ideal choice that combines safety-enhancing slip-resistance with eye-catching colours.

Do you want to increase safety with high friction surfaces?

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