Road & Surface Repair

Prolong the life of damaged roads with fast and easy road maintenance

Road & Surface Repair - Prolonging the life of damaged roads with fast and easy road maintenance

Our solutions for Road and Surface Repair

The solution

All you need for your road and surface repair requirements


Potholes on the road can be safety hazards and must be attended to quickly in order to avoid accidents. We recommend using our hot-applied surface defect repair PHB™. PHB™ is specially designed to provide a fast and easy repair of the road with minimal downtime of traffic.

Cracks and irregular damages

ColdFill™  is liquid road repair ideal for longitudinal cracks and levelling out larger surfaces that suffers from irregular damages. The self-levelling product ensures both quick and durable repairs that will prolong the lifetime of the surface.

Repair road and surface cracks, potholes and other damages with minimal closing of traffic


Once the damage is done, you must act quickly to repair the road and avoid potential accidents.

Prepare the surface before repairing roads


If you want to prepare the surface for application, you can rely on our materials all steps of the way.

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Fast and easy solutions for repairing damaged roads

Pothole repair system - Explore our product lines

Pothole Repair System

Coldfill applied with screed to repair cracks in roads

MMA Crack Repair

A complete solution

At Geveko Markings, we know that two road damages rarely look the same. That is why our road and surface repair solution consists of a combination of products to cover almost any type of road damage before they turn into big and costly projects. Easy-to-carry bags and buckets combined with simple and fast application processes means that your repairs will often be done in a matter of minutes.

Get the complete, in-depth overview of our road and surface repair products by downloading our range brochure. 

Repairing roads - A sustainable choice
To keep the roads safe, proper maintenance is required with our complete solution

Sustainable repairs

If the lifetime of a road is prolonged, it will save material consumption and also reduce closing time of traffic caused by major repairs. In the EU alone, a 50 % reduction in major road repairs and related traffic congestion would reduce CO2 emissions from cars by 30%. That is worth considering if you ask us!

Want to keep your roads safe and well-maintained?

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