Type II hot-applied products - Highly visible markings in wet night conditions

Type II hot-applied products

Highly visible markings in wet night conditions

ViziSpot Type II structured marking for road edges

ViaTherm™ is our leading hot-applied road marking material, that we have developed and refined for several decades. Applied on roads across most of the world, it is known for its high performance and long-term durability when applied as centre lines, edge lines, hatched areas, and pedestrian crossings. ViaTherm is suitable for both Type I and Type II markings and can be extruded, sprayed, or manually applied. The material is adjusted to all climates and has been tested, tried, and internationally certified according to the most stringent standards. 

Application of structured type II road marking with a machine
Example of LongDot thermoplastics road line
Feature and advantages of ViaTherm

Benefits of ViaTherm™

  • Quality markings are guaranteed when choosing ViaTherm! It follows all national certification requirements and we provide a full warranty so that you can rest assured that you are choosing the right road marking material for the job.
  • Get superior visibility through the entire lifespan of the marking as the high content of glass beads is slowly revealed when the marking is worn.
  • Due to its long durability, ViaTherm constitutes a cost-effective solution that saves you the task and added cost of frequent re-markings.
  • With ViaTherm, you can keep disturbance of traffic to a minimum as it quickly hardens once applied making it possible for a fast re-opening of traffic.

Products within the range

Example of ViaTherm vizispot thermoplastic material applied on road

ViaTherm™ Vizispot

ViziSpot is a system that combines specific application equipment, thermoplastic material, and drop-on beads into a high-performing line marking. The marking is applied in a characteristic pattern of small ‘spots‘. This feature enables excellent visibility, durability, and generates a gentle rumbling effect as the car wheels passes over the marking.

  • The product has proven to significantly outperform existing minimum standards, at a point where product warranties are normally exhausted.
  • Vizispot was the only thermoplastic profiled product that showed consistent levels of performance. Above 100mcd, in the wet.
  • ViziSpot is considered a reliable product that supports the delivery of a Safe System Approach, both in low light and wet night situations.


  1. Improve safety on the roads with ViaTherm Vizispot that can be seen in both wet and dry conditions thanks to the special application pattern that drains away water from the marking surface and allows car lights to be reflected in the marking.
  2. Keep drivers alert with the intense rumble effect created by the special pattern in which the markings are applied.
  3. Improve safety and decreased total cost of ownership as the unique product design provides high visibility throughout the entire lifetime of the marking. 
  4. ViaTherm Vizispot helps ensure a safer and more comfortable drive as the structured markings provide higher detection by driver assistance systems during wet night conditions, compared to other flat Type I markings.

Example of ViaTherm longdot type II marking

ViaTherm™ Longdot

ViaTherm Longdot is a unique Type II marking combining the high visibility of Type II markings with the low noise level of regular Type I markings. Due to its revolutionary pattern, it drains water away from the surface of the marking and allows the car lights to be reflected in the marking providing a high level of visibility.    
The application pattern also reduces vibration and noise inside vehicles and limits the noise to the surroundings to an absolute minimum.


  1. Increase safety on the roads thanks to Longdot's design-protected pattern that drains water away from the surface to allow car lights to be reflected in the markings to make them visible even in wet night conditions. 
  2. The combination of the design-protected pattern and the special formulation with enhanced adhesion properties provides the benefits of a structured marking but without the noise. Therefore, Longdot is suitable for centre lines and provides wet night visibility in urban areas.
  3. Contribute to a better traffic flow with Longdot's unique properties that increases preview time by 50% resulting in a more comfortable and safe drive.
  4. The structured markings provide higher detection by driver assistance systems during wet night conditions due to the increased visibility. 
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