Solventborne Paints - Long-lasting paints with flexible application methods

Solventborne Paints

Long-lasting paints with flexible application methods

3SRoute solvent borne professional paints for road marking

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HSRoute and 3SRoute are our ranges of solventborne high solids paints. As these paints are often applied in a thin layer, you will get a cost-effective solution by choosing a solventborne paint. Our range differs in composition, skid-resistance, and solvent type which makes it possible to always find a product that meets your specific requirements. 

Solventborne paints in white for horizontal signage
3SRoute POLYKOLOR used to colorize car parks
Airless application of HSRoute paint on a car park


  • The broad application temperature window makes it possible to apply HSRoute and 3SRoute all year round providing you with ultimate flexibility.
  • Different surface, no problem! HSRoute and 3SRoute materials are suitable for permanent markings on asphalt as well as on concrete with the use of a primer.
  • Choose the best application technique for your project. HSRoute and 3SRoute can be applied with both pneumatic and airless application machines or with a paint roller.
  • All 3SRoute products are delivered in EcoPack packaging which limits the loss of material and lets you recycle the bucket for reduced overall waste cost and less environmental impact.

Products within the range

HS AntiSkid for pedestrian lanes

HSRoute™ Antiskid fine

Characterised by its excellent anti-skid performance, this one-component paint can be applied straight out of the bucket. It is a perfect fit for cycle and pedestrian lanes, where it creates a frictional surface that feels safe and comfortable to move around on. 


  1. HSRoute Antiskid fine can be applied in a thin layer providing a low material consumption and consequently, a good cost performance.
  2. Due to its high anti-skid performance,  HSRoute Antiskid fine minimises the risk of accidents and provides increased safety for road users.
  3. Save time on the application process as HSRoute Antiskid fine has consistently intermixed aggregates which eliminates the need for post-sprinkling.
3sRoute HS5 for lining on country roads

3SRoute™ HS5

3SRoute™ HS5 is a recommendable solution for lining on country roads or other areas with limited traffic, where it can be used for year-round application. It is developed specifically for white, but can be offered in colours on request. 


  1. The high-speed airless application method lets you achieve sharply shaped lines and ensures a good cost-performance efficiency.
  2. As 3SRoute™ HS5 can be applied in a thin layer, you can lower your material consumption without compromising the result.
Decorative creation with coloured paint POLYKOLOR

3SRoute™ Polykolor

With its range of bright colours, 3SRoute Polykolor can add a splash of creativity to areas with limited traffic such as pedestrian paths and decorative spaces.
Artist: Zdey - ©Tim Jarrosson


  1. Be sure to get a colour suitable for the job at hand with the wide variety of colour tones to choose from.
  2. 3SRoute™ Polykolor is a cost-efficient solution as it is applied in a thin layer resulting in low material consumption.
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